Why drink your veggies?

I began drinking Shakeology about 2 and a half years ago!

At first I complained about the price, then I became a coach and I must say that as a coach I get a generous discount. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few things I noticed within the first few months of drinking this yumminess:


- my face looked the best it had ever looked

- my hair looked better than ever and grew so quickly

- I had the most energy that I ever had E V E R! (that makes sense just go with it)

- my nails grew long and strong

- my body recovered from those difficult workouts faster

- my body just felt better

- I definitely didn't crave all the junk that I used to

- my body literally wanted more nutrient rich food (seriously, who am I?)

- it fills me up for a good 2-3 hours or so (that's a miracle for me!)


So what's Shakeology you ask? It's only the healthiest meal of my day. If I read off the ingredient list to you and told you everything that was in a single delicious shake you would not even believe me, also the fact that there are NO artificial sweeteners in it. I mentioned earlier that I complained about the price. I thought I could outsmart the system and find a shake that was just as great but cheaper (as you can see I didn't succeed because it lead me right back to ShakeO) and I even bought one that was on sale at GNC for $13. I thought it was a score. Then I read the label and saw that sucralose was on the label. *Just a quick side notes sucralose is chlorinated sugar, your body doesn't even know what to do with it, for more details you can read about it in this article)* Artificial things like this are linked to cancer (I won't even chance it). In that bag were other ingredients in it linked to cancer. Once I discovered more about this dangerous chemical I instantly threw that bag of powder away! It's not worth it. So there I was $13 down the drain and really wanting to put something good into my body that would fill me up, keep me full and give my body good fuel without all that extra garbage that these companies use as fillers.

One of the major reasons why I began drinking Shakeology was to get my husband on board with a healthier lifestyle. I always joked with him that I need to keep him around for a while. He loves his bacon double cheeseburgers but I didn't want to see it affect him later in life. So we made a compromise he could eat the stuff he likes if he would start having this shake for breakfast. He agreed and the rest is history! He didn't eat veggies and at first he would not budge on that. Now he is willing to try anything I put on a plate in front of him because he trusts my decisions. It's like shakeo opened that door for him to be healthier and try new things. When we started drinking this goodness I would fix him a shake in the mornings when I made mine. It felt so good knowing that he has so many delicious nutrients (and veggies) going into his body. Now I call him the shake-master because he makes so many delicious concoctions that I am put to shame. hehehehe, but seriously I am so proud of my husband and his support in this new lifestyle of ours.

I'm a believer. I drink my ShakeO at least 5 times a week, no question about it.


Here's a fun video to help you understand a little bit better!

Make today great!