Staying healthy on the road.

Going on a trip soon? If you are dreading the part where you gain a lot of weight while on vacation, DON'T fear. I will share with you my tips for success. In July my family took a 9 day road trip where we traveled from Missouri all the way to California. 9 days on the road, lots of eating out, and guess how much weight I gained? A whole pound and a half!!! Insane, I know, but you can succeed too. My rules for travel are pretty simple. You can have a great road trip without completely derailing your healthy lifestyle and yet still indulging. 

1. Plan your meals. Figure out what restaurants are in your area and then once you plan your activities for the day see what options you have to choose from. This will help to ensure that you are not starved and forced to get the first thing you see, which may not be the best options.  

2. Stay Stocked up. Along the way stop and buy healthy snacks to keep you full between meals. Some ideas are: nitrate/hormone-free turkey jerky, mixed nuts, fruit, veggies and hummus, skinny pop, keep water jugs in the car, and most importantly, for me, SHAKEOLOGY. 

3. Set boundaries. Set rules for yourself, then tell your friends/family that are traveling with you so they will help keep you accountable. There are a number of great calorie tracking apps you can take advantage of to stay focused.

4. One and done rule. If you want to indulge your carb cravings or your sweet tooth daily, go for it but, try to only have them at one meal a day. Once and done! Also, try to eat them at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

5. Drink your veggies. Once a day I drank SHAKEOLOGY!  I would get a cup of ice & water, milk or juice from our hotel and then when I was ready I would combine it all in my shaker cup while on the road and gulp it down. Easiest meal of my day. 

6. Choose wisely. Not all carbs are created equal. We need proteins and carbs for a balanced diet but knowing which carbs you need is important. When in doubt choose more protein over the carbs. More proteins will fuel your body's fat burning potential. 

What do you think, easy right? Anyone can do it. Try it and let me know how it works for you. We chose hotels that had breakfast included so normally I would get a banana and peanut butter, eggs and bacon or sausage depending on what the hotel offered. I also enjoyed a daily cup of coffee just for fun. For lunch or an afternoon snack I enjoyed my Shakeology, then dinner was a yummy place we found along the way. It really is that simple and it saves you a ton of money that way. Lookout for my next blog post "Keeping fit on the road." 

Enjoy, friends!