Pasta-free PASTA!

This is a meal I made a while back and it was yummy!!!! I bought one of those cool veggetti things at Walmart for $14. #Score

It took about 2 minutes to turn a big zucchini into zoodles.

While I created my pasta I was heating up some grapeseed oil in a pan and sautéing fresh garlic and onions. I rarely measure anything while I cook so if that frustrates you....sorry! Once the garlic and onions heated up I added chopped grape tomatoes, tri-colored bell peppers and a cube of frozen basil. Then I added chicken broth. I covered that and let it simmer about 8 minutes till everything was a perfect softness.

When done, I sprinkled a small amount of Parmesan cheese on top. I also made turkey burgers to go with it. We really like turkey burgers around here.  A delicious healthy blend of veggies and goodness.

Enjoy and let me know if you tried it too!