Keeping fit on the road!

If you are determined, you can make anything happen. There is not a shortage of workouts that you could try. Wherever you are at you can come up with some kind of way to get sweating. That's the beauty of exercise, there are a billion different things to try....from a dance workout like CIZE, to something intense like cross-fit.

While hubby and I took a cross country trip back in July we would stop, stretch and get our heart pumping. We really focused on keeping to our goals. We even came up with hotel room WOD's it was fun! There is no excuse, not even vacation. So here are a few of my tips for working out on the road.

Pack workout clothes!! yes it's that simple, if you don't have comfortable clothes with you then most likely you won't workout, right? Right!

Pack equipment. Jump ropes, exercise bands and slides pack well. I have even packed small weights for a road trip.

Schedule your workout time. If you prefer first thing in the morning then get up 30 minutes before you are supposed to start your day and GET IT DONE! [plus, you'll feel great about yourself ;) ]

Plan ahead. Find out if there is a decent gym around. Most hotels have gyms in them and if not then find some stairs and get sweating.

Have interest access? Stream your workouts! I have Beachbody on demand so that helped and I put it to good use. I connected to the internet, logged in to my account and streamed my workout. Too easy and it's cheaper than a gym membership.

All you need is your body weight. Squats, planks, push-ups, calve raises & lunges are your friend. When all else fails and you have no access to a gym or internet do these workouts in sets. You can never go wrong with these, especially planks because it's a full body workout.

You're welcome my friends!   xox