just a quick recipe with kale. up until about 3 years ago, i never eaten kale before but as a gift for my birthday my mom sent me an edible arrangement bouquet. i realized that the base of the arrangement was filled with kale, so i thought, why not try it? i did, and i'm hooked! this was a quick & easy recipe, can't get better than that! you will need:
-2 medium potatoes cut into small pieces
-1/2 a bag of shredded carrots
- 1 med. onion diced up
-1 tbsp of minced garlic
-1 large piece of chicken cut up.
- salt & pepper to taste, also any fresh herbs that you'd like

1. heat up some olive oil in a pot. add the garlic and onions, cook & stir for about 2 minutes.
2. add chicken, throw in your salt, pepper & herbs then cook until all the chicken is white.
3. add 3-4 cups of water, throw in the potatoes & carrots. cover. let boil for 35 minutes.
4. add in the kale and let it cook altogether for 5 minutes.
5. eat & enjoy!



* did you know that kale: is low calorie, high in fiber, has no fat, it's high in iron, high in vitamin k, high in antioxidants, high in vitamin a, high in vitamin c & high in calcium? YUP! it's the bomb for you so eat up! *

Pasta-free PASTA!

This is a meal I made a while back and it was yummy!!!! I bought one of those cool veggetti things at Walmart for $14. #Score

It took about 2 minutes to turn a big zucchini into zoodles.

While I created my pasta I was heating up some grapeseed oil in a pan and sautéing fresh garlic and onions. I rarely measure anything while I cook so if that frustrates you....sorry! Once the garlic and onions heated up I added chopped grape tomatoes, tri-colored bell peppers and a cube of frozen basil. Then I added chicken broth. I covered that and let it simmer about 8 minutes till everything was a perfect softness.

When done, I sprinkled a small amount of Parmesan cheese on top. I also made turkey burgers to go with it. We really like turkey burgers around here.  A delicious healthy blend of veggies and goodness.

Enjoy and let me know if you tried it too!

Why drink your veggies?

I began drinking Shakeology about 2 and a half years ago!

At first I complained about the price, then I became a coach and I must say that as a coach I get a generous discount. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few things I noticed within the first few months of drinking this yumminess:


- my face looked the best it had ever looked

- my hair looked better than ever and grew so quickly

- I had the most energy that I ever had E V E R! (that makes sense just go with it)

- my nails grew long and strong

- my body recovered from those difficult workouts faster

- my body just felt better

- I definitely didn't crave all the junk that I used to

- my body literally wanted more nutrient rich food (seriously, who am I?)

- it fills me up for a good 2-3 hours or so (that's a miracle for me!)


So what's Shakeology you ask? It's only the healthiest meal of my day. If I read off the ingredient list to you and told you everything that was in a single delicious shake you would not even believe me, also the fact that there are NO artificial sweeteners in it. I mentioned earlier that I complained about the price. I thought I could outsmart the system and find a shake that was just as great but cheaper (as you can see I didn't succeed because it lead me right back to ShakeO) and I even bought one that was on sale at GNC for $13. I thought it was a score. Then I read the label and saw that sucralose was on the label. *Just a quick side notes sucralose is chlorinated sugar, your body doesn't even know what to do with it, for more details you can read about it in this article)* Artificial things like this are linked to cancer (I won't even chance it). In that bag were other ingredients in it linked to cancer. Once I discovered more about this dangerous chemical I instantly threw that bag of powder away! It's not worth it. So there I was $13 down the drain and really wanting to put something good into my body that would fill me up, keep me full and give my body good fuel without all that extra garbage that these companies use as fillers.

One of the major reasons why I began drinking Shakeology was to get my husband on board with a healthier lifestyle. I always joked with him that I need to keep him around for a while. He loves his bacon double cheeseburgers but I didn't want to see it affect him later in life. So we made a compromise he could eat the stuff he likes if he would start having this shake for breakfast. He agreed and the rest is history! He didn't eat veggies and at first he would not budge on that. Now he is willing to try anything I put on a plate in front of him because he trusts my decisions. It's like shakeo opened that door for him to be healthier and try new things. When we started drinking this goodness I would fix him a shake in the mornings when I made mine. It felt so good knowing that he has so many delicious nutrients (and veggies) going into his body. Now I call him the shake-master because he makes so many delicious concoctions that I am put to shame. hehehehe, but seriously I am so proud of my husband and his support in this new lifestyle of ours.

I'm a believer. I drink my ShakeO at least 5 times a week, no question about it.


Here's a fun video to help you understand a little bit better!

Make today great!


Marriage and Friendship

I stumbled across this old blog I had written and never hit POST! This was about a year ago still good thoughts.....hope you'll enjoy the read............

{written in April 2016}

Last month we turned 8 years old!
Well our marriage did, we are proudly 30 something year olds.
I was contemplating how last year was the "seven year mark" and by that point a couple should
have mastered a ton of different skills, right? They say that the seventh year is the hardest BUT it was actually pretty phenomenal. A lot of things shifted in our favor. We paid off some debts, had a few great vacations and we then got to take a dream vacation with just our little family of 3 where we traveled across the West Coast and stopped in a different city every day. Just a few weeks after that we learned we were expecting baby #2! Then I left my job to be a full-time fitness coach and in December we moved to Florida. If you had told me all that would happen in 2015 I would have really doubted you BUT with God so much is made possible.

This year has been even better thus-far. We've been able to pay off more debts. My husband has a job he absolutely loves and we are about to welcome our baby girl into our family. Our 3 year old is as smart, caring and amazing as can be. I know that so much more is to come, 2016 will be a SUPERNATURAL year for us! I am so confident of this because it has already been promised to us. I believe that our influence in the christian community will reach new heights. I believe that we have been set apart to set up a future for the kingdom of God by undergoing transformation in ourselves. I am in no way trying to boast or brag but my spirit is in such a state of excitement i can't contain it.

What we believe we speak, what we speak we do and what we do becomes who we are. What we are speaks to others. My husband and i have always set out to do God's will above our own. We have had times of plenty and times of lack. we have come to realize the ugly parts of us that need change and a touch of God. We have struggled and we have been triumphant. We have gone through seasons of having pennies in our bank account and seasons of thousands in the
bank and none of which has given me more security than the other. If I'm being honest I'd rather have little money in the bank but lots of faith in God because He always amazes us and comes through for us. One of our dreams is to live on 50% of our income and give away the other 50%. i believe we have been blessed to be a blessing. Nothing is "ours" it's only been lent to us in order to see how we will manage it. I believe this will be our year of giving back and giving away.
by God's marvelous grace.


After this many years of marriage I feel I can share some tips of what we should have learned by now:
#1 -we learn to deal with our spouse, how to conduct ourselves, in essence we become better spouses
#2- we learn to speak how we feel in honesty without trying to hold back for fear of our spouses feelings (sometimes it works against us too ;)
#3- we talk it out more instead of wishing the problem away
#4- through our discussions we grow in understanding and speaking to our spouse
#5- our "love letters/love notes" to our spouse are much more specific and meaningful
#6- understanding and communication when wrong choices are made.....LOL! has any wife out there spent a little too much money and worried about the consequences or talk from our spouse? yea, thought so!
#7- by this time we definitely have a routine in our day to day activities, especially by having kids at this time every moment has to be structured
#8- we definitely learn the need for our own "me time" or personal time to come back with your head in the game
#9- we learn each other better
#10- we learn that no matter how much we fuss, fight or frustrate each other we just can't live without one another and you see how your lives have literally become ONE!

8 years truly is just the beginning of a thriving future. Here's a few things i have learned that will help you continue to learn, grow & be content with your spouse:

  • we should never get married to be happy. that is dooms day waiting to happen.
  • when a problem arises don't wait for your spouse to fix themselves or fix "it". instead you must focus on working on Y O U.
  • there's always something to be learned from a disagreement.
  • changing your spouse is impossible, the moment we realize that truth is the moment we are released of much stress and unnecessary pain.
  • having an attitude of gratitude will take your marriage to new heights.
  • say "i love you" & kiss daily.
  • speak positivity into the life of your mate if you want to keep them forever.
  • choose to understand (that means listening first) instead of blaming.
  • if you scramble the letters in the word (L I S T E N) they spell SILENT, so be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • use your words edify instead of tear down, chances are that your spouse knows most of their flaws, don't be so quick to point them out.
  • say what you want, speak into existence that which you want to see happen because what you speak becomes what you believe and what you believe becomes what you will see.
  • a love that lasts and grows stronger together begins by becoming a team, a partnership so look at your spouse as your teammate rather than an opposing team member.
  • be clear about what you want and don't want, what you like and don't like. don't assume your spouse should know.
  • in moments of high stress and hard times it's ok to take a step back analyze the situation on your own then put your heads together and make a game plan to kick that problem to the curb.

Love never fails.....


Clean food doesn't have to be bland!

This was my dinner from last night.


Veggie mix, salmon and a baked sweet potato topped with sauteed, onions, tomatoes and a piece of turkey. The recipe called for turkey bacon but I didn't have any so I improvised and used a slice of turkey lunch meat. I didn't have greek yogurt either so I put a little bit of cheese on top. It was still clean and very good. Even my husband liked it too! WIN WIN!

21 day fix approved:
1 .5 red
2 green
1/2 blue
2 tbsp

Here's the sweet potato recipe if you'd like it:


What are you eating today?

Keeping fit on the road!

If you are determined, you can make anything happen. There is not a shortage of workouts that you could try. Wherever you are at you can come up with some kind of way to get sweating. That's the beauty of exercise, there are a billion different things to try....from a dance workout like CIZE, to something intense like cross-fit.

While hubby and I took a cross country trip back in July we would stop, stretch and get our heart pumping. We really focused on keeping to our goals. We even came up with hotel room WOD's it was fun! There is no excuse, not even vacation. So here are a few of my tips for working out on the road.

Pack workout clothes!! yes it's that simple, if you don't have comfortable clothes with you then most likely you won't workout, right? Right!

Pack equipment. Jump ropes, exercise bands and slides pack well. I have even packed small weights for a road trip.

Schedule your workout time. If you prefer first thing in the morning then get up 30 minutes before you are supposed to start your day and GET IT DONE! [plus, you'll feel great about yourself ;) ]

Plan ahead. Find out if there is a decent gym around. Most hotels have gyms in them and if not then find some stairs and get sweating.

Have interest access? Stream your workouts! I have Beachbody on demand so that helped and I put it to good use. I connected to the internet, logged in to my account and streamed my workout. Too easy and it's cheaper than a gym membership.

All you need is your body weight. Squats, planks, push-ups, calve raises & lunges are your friend. When all else fails and you have no access to a gym or internet do these workouts in sets. You can never go wrong with these, especially planks because it's a full body workout.

You're welcome my friends!   xox

Staying healthy on the road.

Going on a trip soon? If you are dreading the part where you gain a lot of weight while on vacation, DON'T fear. I will share with you my tips for success. In July my family took a 9 day road trip where we traveled from Missouri all the way to California. 9 days on the road, lots of eating out, and guess how much weight I gained? A whole pound and a half!!! Insane, I know, but you can succeed too. My rules for travel are pretty simple. You can have a great road trip without completely derailing your healthy lifestyle and yet still indulging. 

1. Plan your meals. Figure out what restaurants are in your area and then once you plan your activities for the day see what options you have to choose from. This will help to ensure that you are not starved and forced to get the first thing you see, which may not be the best options.  

2. Stay Stocked up. Along the way stop and buy healthy snacks to keep you full between meals. Some ideas are: nitrate/hormone-free turkey jerky, mixed nuts, fruit, veggies and hummus, skinny pop, keep water jugs in the car, and most importantly, for me, SHAKEOLOGY. 

3. Set boundaries. Set rules for yourself, then tell your friends/family that are traveling with you so they will help keep you accountable. There are a number of great calorie tracking apps you can take advantage of to stay focused.

4. One and done rule. If you want to indulge your carb cravings or your sweet tooth daily, go for it but, try to only have them at one meal a day. Once and done! Also, try to eat them at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

5. Drink your veggies. Once a day I drank SHAKEOLOGY!  I would get a cup of ice & water, milk or juice from our hotel and then when I was ready I would combine it all in my shaker cup while on the road and gulp it down. Easiest meal of my day. 

6. Choose wisely. Not all carbs are created equal. We need proteins and carbs for a balanced diet but knowing which carbs you need is important. When in doubt choose more protein over the carbs. More proteins will fuel your body's fat burning potential. 

What do you think, easy right? Anyone can do it. Try it and let me know how it works for you. We chose hotels that had breakfast included so normally I would get a banana and peanut butter, eggs and bacon or sausage depending on what the hotel offered. I also enjoyed a daily cup of coffee just for fun. For lunch or an afternoon snack I enjoyed my Shakeology, then dinner was a yummy place we found along the way. It really is that simple and it saves you a ton of money that way. Lookout for my next blog post "Keeping fit on the road." 

Enjoy, friends!